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2801 Plot: Old Section, Block 1, Lot 47, Plot D BROCK, Phinandy "Nandy" (I1420)
2802 Pres Grave No 12812 PETERSON, Margaret Ann (I2110)
2803 PRESBYTERIAN DIVISION E Row 12, Plot 15 WATTS, Florence Louisa (I2512)
2804 Presbyterian Section Row 1 of E, Plot 14 BECK, John (I3317)
2805 Presbyterian Section Row H, Plot 27 MCGILLIVRAY, John (I3314)
2806 PRINCE - On the 9th of April, after a long and painful ill-ness, Mary, relict of the late Mr. James Prince, in the 57th year of her age. Friends are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, which will move
from her late residence, opposite the Joiners' Arms, Upper Macquarie street, on Tuesday, the 11th instant, at half-past 3 p.m. 
BOWYER, Mary (I371)
2807 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2682)
2808 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2683)
2809 Protestant Lawn C Row 7, Plot 122 PENZER, Annie Gertrude (I2977)
2810 PUBL-068-0002 ROE, Grace Maisey (I261)
2811 PUBL-068-0002 ROE, Thomas Herbert (I203)
2812 PUBL-D5-0031 ROE, John Abel (I620)
2813 Quotes from Records of Early Riverton and District, Centenary Celebrations, Riverton N.Z., 1837-1937
(Charles was thanked on page 109 for helpful information used in compiling a section of this publication):
Opposite Aparima dairy factory is a farm which I remember being occupied at one time by John Roberts and at another by Frank Stone, and is now held by Charles Molloy. On asking W. Molloy who had been the first occupant he said it was James Leader ? (page 130).
Beside the road and river Aparima is an education reserve leased for a long time by C. Molloy (page 131).
MOLLOY, Charles "Charlie" (I401)
2814 Reg 40464, Div Sigs, WWII. 2ND NZEF SGT N.Z. ARMY - NZ Army Postal Corps VALENTINE, James "Jimmy" (I3193)
2815 Relatives in Elmira received the news this week of the death at Doon on Tuesday evening of Nelson Wilfong who passed away suddenly at seven o'clock. Mr. Wilfong, who was the for over half a century an employee of the Doon Twines of Kitchener, is the father of Mrs. A. Bricker of Elmira and brother of Mr. Menno Wilfong of this town. He was born at Doon where he always resided. Besides his wife four sons and six daughters survive: Dr. James Wilfong of Philadelphia, Herbert of Kitchener, Gilbert and Reginald of Doon, the Misses Ethel, Marguerite and Doris Wilfong, all of Doon, Mrs. A. Bricker of Elmira, Mrs. W. Spaetzel, Kitchener and Mrs. George Ayres of Doon. The funeral will be held at Doon on Friday afternoon. WILFONG, Nelson (I2002)
2816 Residence 1855: Murragh, Rahan, County Offaly, Ireland. MOLLOY, James (I395)
2817 Residence: 1859, Athgarvan, Carragh, Kildare, Ireland,  MOLLOY, Hugh (I394)
2818 Resident on Ohai district for 33 years. Constructed the railway connecting the Ohai mines with the Government line at Wairio. Then employed in the coal-mining industry working in the Mossbank and Wairaki mines. Source - Southland Times, 30 July 1958. MOLLOY, Hugh (I1461)
2819 Returned serviceman and Prisoner of War in the Steel Mines in Germany MOLLOY, John James "Jack" (I2138)
2820 Returned Servicemen Are, Block 06D, Plot 42 SOWMAN, Ian Jeffrey (I2492)
2821 Returned Servicemen Area, Block 06D, Plot 042 HARMAN, Aileen Fay "Fay" (I2489)
2822 Richard BOWYER was born January 26, 1839 in Nelson Township, Quebec, Canada, the son of Thomas BOWYER and Susannah (BANNISTER) BOWYER.

He married first an unknown woman and had a daughter named Jemima Elizabeth BOWYER, born July 6, 1868 in Gorrie, Ontario, Canada. (Jemima married George W. COOPER on December 19, 1884 on Drummond Island; she died March 15, 1935 at Long Lake, Florence Co., Wisconsin.)

Richard BOWYER then married Susanna FOREMAN on April 9, 1872 in Teeswater, Culross Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. They had three children: Sarah Jane (born September 20, 1874 in Howick Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada; married John GATES (1865-1938) on Drummond Island December 8, 1894; died 1950; buried with her husband in Riverview Cemetery, DeTour, Michigan); Emily; and George. The family seemed to have moved from Canada to Drummond Island by the 1880s.

Richard BOWYER died, age 51 years, on February 12, 1890 in Chippewa County, Michigan. 
BOWYER, Richard (I389)
2823 Robert Henderson's brother Alexander Gordon Henderson married Mima Everlyn sister Catherine May HENDERSON, Robert Andrew (I2147)
2824 Robert was declared bankrupt in 1997 (MacBeath, Robert William -
Invercargill - Driver {R10080197}. Dunedin office of New Zealand Archives).  
MACBEATH, Robert William (I2663)
2825 ROMAN CATHOLIC DIVISION D Row 3, Plot 68  ROE, Frances Mary (I83)
2826 Rose's aunt, Rhoda Emily Eveleigh, had previously married Joseph's uncle Thomas Henry Molloy (vide infra). Rose died the year of her marriage on 4 September aged 22, and was buried in the Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill, block 9, plot 131.
EVELEIGH, Rose Lily (I2115)
2827 Row 11 MEADS, John (I3015)
2828 Row 13 RIKIHANA, Aniharea (I3023)
2829 Row 13, Plot 32 ROE, Richard (I619)
2830 Row 3 Plot 7 Cem NC2 TUNNICLIFF, Dianne Claire (I1905)
2831 Row 3 Plot 9 Cem NC2 HUNT, Constance Alice (I1899)
2832 Row 3 Plot 9 Cem NC2 TUNNICLIFF, Henry Leonard (I1895)
2833 Row 4 Plot 4 Cem NC2 BAIGENT, Sylvia Pheobe (I1904)
2834 Row 4 Plot 4 Cem NC2 TUNNICLIFF, Lewis Allan "Jack" (I1903)
2835 Row 5 ROACH, Isabella Ellen (I3024)
2836 Row 5 Plot 6 Cem NC1 SAVAGE, Rowena Catherine (I1883)
2837 Row 5 Plot 6 Cem NC1 TUNNICLIFF, Olive Rita (I1884)
2838 Row 5 Plot 7 Cem NC1 BAIGENT, Laura Ann (I1894)
2839 Row 5 Plot 7 Cem NC1 TUNNICLIFF, Henry (I1179)
2840 Row 6 TUNNICLIFFE, Selina Mary Anna (I1175)
2841 Row 6 PEART, Alfred (I2216)
2842 Row 9 TUNNICLIFF, Caroline Lucy (I1176)
2843 Row VIII Plot 7 BISHOP, Mary Winifred (I1168)
2844 Row X, Plot 14 WHITEFIELD, Gertrude May (I1435)
2845 Sec: CH ENG2, Plot 311G BARNES, William Frederick (I2495)
2846 Sec: CH ENG2, Plot 311G JOHNSON, Ellen (I2496)
2847 Section 14, Lot 770, No stone BOWYER, Fanny May (I984)
2848 Section 4, Row 4 BIRCH, Frances Margaret Cora (I3075)
2849 SECTION CBI ROW 5 SITE 921  BOWYER, James Marston Jr (I1287)
2850 Section D, Block 4, Rows 11 & 12, Plot 695 WILLIAMS, William Frederick John (I3034)

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