Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND



Latitude: -41.3780874, Longitude: 173.1158087


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Nellie Sophia  13 Jan 1888Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I4219
2 ANDREWS, Vida Eileen  19 Apr 1912Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3086
3 FOWLER, Fred  8 Nov 1906Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2419
4 HARMAN, Connell Reginald  18 Feb 1909Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2405
5 HARMAN, Eliza Jane  13 Feb 1888Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2398
6 HARMAN, George Oliver James Earl  19 Jul 1895Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2401
7 HARMAN, Henry William Douglas  20 Feb 1893Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2399
8 HARMAN, Ivy Henrietta Stalia Grace  4 Mar 1899Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2402
9 HARMAN, Leila Annie  12 Mar 1887Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2397
10 HARMAN, Muriel Linda  22 Jun 1908Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2404
11 HARMAN, Myrtle Elsie Thelma  19 Aug 1904Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2403
12 HARMAN, Olive Elizabeth Mary Ellen  18 Aug 1894Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2400
13 MEADS, John  3 Apr 1863Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3015
14 MEADS, William  4 Apr 1861Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3017
15 MURCOTT, William Henry  12 Sep 1916Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2472
16 PALMER, Harriet  28 Apr 1874Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3045
17 PALMER, Henry Thomas  4 Nov 1856Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HARMAN, Harriett  1 Oct 1913Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2456
2 HARMAN, Leila Annie  11 Apr 1887Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2397
3 HARMAN, Muriel Linda  29 Jul 1909Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2404
4 PALMER, Harriet  25 Jul 1875Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3045
5 PALMER, Henry Thomas  20 May 1932Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3047
6 SOWMAN, Ian Jeffrey  16 Feb 1994Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2492


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAIGENT / ANDREWS  2 Aug 1918Brightwater, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F1541