Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND



Latitude: 51.4462100, Longitude: 0.2168720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWYER, Charles Frank  19 Jun 1911Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I298
2 BOWYER, Edward  Abt 1874Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I448
3 BOWYER, Ella Corinne  8 Apr 1897Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I449
4 BOWYER, Frederick Thomas  11 Jan 1917Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I949
5 BOWYER, Kathleen May  20 Sep 1933Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I912
6 BOWYER, Margaret H  Abt 1923Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I4417
7 BOWYER, Thomas  Abt 1909Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I308
8 BOWYER, Thomas Sydney  25 Oct 1894Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I435
9 BOWYER, William  Abt 1909Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I299
10 BOWYER, William Basil  14 Aug 1898Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I451
11 BROWN, Ambrose William  Abt 1848Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I4535
12 CHEARY, Ernest John  8 Feb 1931Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I1316
13 GRIMWOOD, Mary Ann Elizabeth  7 Mar 1874Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I476
14 KIRK, Richard  2 May 1790Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I4559
15 LUDLOW, Elvie  19 Sep 1903Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I480


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Henry  20 Jul 1916Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I4258
2 BOWYER, Edith May  31 Aug 1995Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I479
3 BOWYER, Edward  Abt 1897Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I448
4 BOWYER, Herbert John  Abt 1935Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I475
5 BOWYER, Margaret Ellen  Abt 1957Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I347
6 BOWYER, Mercy  3 Apr 1883Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I369
7 BOWYER, Sidney  Abt 1957Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I540
8 BOWYER, Thomas  Abt 1910Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I308
9 BOWYER, William  Abt 1910Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I299
10 BOWYER, William  Abt 1950Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I446
11 CHEARY, Elvey  Abt 1928Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I4882
12 CHEARY, Ernest James  Abt 1978Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I1315
13 CLARK, Samuel  9 Dec 1923Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I964
14 FORESTER, Edward  28 Nov 1889Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I1010
15 GRIGG, Annie Maria  Abt 1889Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I1380
16 GRIMWOOD, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Sep 1950Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I476
17 LANGFORD, Sarah  Abt 1934Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND I4900


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWYER / BROWN  Abt 1922Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F1675
2 BOWYER / GRIGG  5 Mar 1888Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F421
3 BOWYER / HURFORD  14 Feb 1917Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F1646
4 BOWYER / TURNER  25 Dec 1867Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F90
5 BOWYER / WEBSTER  Abt 1947Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F1649
6 BOWYER / WELLS  Abt 1934Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F159
7 CHEARY / BASS  2 Jun 1951Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F1842
8 LUDLOW / BOWYER  8 Mar 1931Dartford, Kent, ENGLAND F158