Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWYER, Ann  Abt 1856Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I1277
2 BOWYER, David Hudson  Abt 1863Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I951
3 BOWYER, Ellen  Abt 1865Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I952
4 BOWYER, Esther Sophia  23 Dec 1856Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I570
5 BOWYER, Ethel May  24 Sep 1899Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4807
6 BOWYER, Fanny Hudson  Abt 1860Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I955
7 BOWYER, George  4 Nov 1892Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4797
8 BOWYER, Harriet Alice  22 Jan 1882Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4790
9 BOWYER, Ivy Elizabeth  20 Apr 1809Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4817
10 BOWYER, James  8 Feb 1890Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4796
11 BOWYER, John James  Abt 1876Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4696
12 BOWYER, Lydia  Abt 1866Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I954
13 BOWYER, Mary Ann  19 Jan 1887Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4795
14 BOWYER, Robert George  Abt 1885Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4792
15 BOWYER, William Hudson Joseph  3 Sep 1858Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I953
16 BOWYER, William John  12 May 1898Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4806
17 CHAMBERS, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt 1898Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4811
18 CHAMBERS, Henry William  10 Feb 1906Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4813
19 CULVER, Harriett May  Abt 1870Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4804
20 GILLENDER, Elizabeth Alice  27 Oct 1889Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4816
21 GREEN, Ethel Lydia  22 Jan 1893Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4503
22 RICHMAN, Elizabeth jemima  17 Mar 1860Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4695


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWYER, David  Abt 1896Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4802
2 BOWYER, Ellen  Abt 1902Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I952
3 BOWYER, Fanny Hudson  Abt 1861Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I955
4 BOWYER, Harriet Alice  Abt 1930Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4790
5 BOWYER, James  26 May 1965Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4796
6 BOWYER, Lydia  11 Feb 1897Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I954
7 BOWYER, Robert George  Abt 1930Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4792
8 BOWYER, William Hudson Joseph  6 Jul 1912Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I953
9 GREEN, Ethel Lydia  Abt 1972Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4503
10 THOMPSON, Violet M  Abt 1961Poplar, Middlesex, ENGLAND I4461