Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND



Latitude: -41.4044308, Longitude: 173.0485304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAIGENT, Aubrey  Abt 1856Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3305
2 BAIGENT, Laura Ann  25 Jan 1862Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1894
3 BAIGENT, Vernon Melville  6 Feb 1890Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I4218
4 GIBBS, Lawrence Langdon  26 Mar 1896Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3174
5 HOLLAND, Joseph  23 Dec 1850Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3302
6 LINES, Laura Sarah  Abt 1858Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1197
7 LINES, Phoebe Louisa  Abt 1862Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1116
8 NORRIS, Sarah  21 Jul 1844Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I321
9 TUNNICLIFF, Anna Selina  Abt 1842Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I710
10 TUNNICLIFF, Caroline Lucy  Abt 1869Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1176
11 TUNNICLIFF, Charles  14 Oct 1850Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I324
12 TUNNICLIFF, Dianne Claire  18 Jun 1961Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1905
13 TUNNICLIFF, Eliza  Abt 1855Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1181
14 TUNNICLIFF, Frederick James  29 Dec 1852Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I709
15 TUNNICLIFF, Frederick William  27 Jun 1862Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1178
16 TUNNICLIFF, Henry  28 Dec 1859Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1179
17 TUNNICLIFF, Ivanhoe  Abt 1865Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1177
18 TUNNICLIFF, Mary  Abt 1844Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I708
19 TUNNICLIFF, May Constance  29 Oct 1876Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I239
20 TUNNICLIFF, Sarah Louisa  3 Mar 1854Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1182
21 TUNNICLIFF, Thomas Walter  Abt 1858Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1180
22 TUNNICLIFF, William Richardson  25 Jun 1872Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I506
23 TUNNICLIFFE, James Philip  12 Apr 1897Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I791
24 TUNNICLIFFE, Jane  3 Nov 1848Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I706
25 TUNNICLIFFE, Selina Mary Anna  Abt 1866Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAIGENT, Alfred  18 Apr 1883Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I4216
2 BAIGENT, Aubrey  8 Dec 1919Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3305
3 BAIGENT, Isaac  9 Sep 1902Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I90
4 BAIGENT, Laura Ann  21 Jun 1955Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1894
5 BAIGENT, Vernon Melville  28 May 1966Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I4218
6 GRAY, Janet  29 May 1886Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I670
7 KERR, Elizabeth Martha  13 Jun 1973Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I3173
8 NOAKES, Jane  29 May 1891Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I2314
9 NORRISS, Lucy  5 Feb 1904Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1167
10 PRICE, Sarah  18 Jun 1902Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I4217
11 RICHARDSON, Hannah  24 May 1871Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I323
12 SAVAGE, Rowena Catherine  21 Apr 1955Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1883
13 TUNNICLIFF, Eliza  30 Sep 1878Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1181
14 TUNNICLIFF, Frederick James  26 Sep 1860Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I709
15 TUNNICLIFF, Frederick William  21 Oct 1951Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1178
16 TUNNICLIFF, Henry  23 Sep 1946Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I1179
17 TUNNICLIFF, Henry John  15 May 1877Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I702
18 TUNNICLIFF, Mary  Abt 1845Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I708
19 TUNNICLIFF, Thomas  23 Oct 1882Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I322
20 TUNNICLIFFE, Caroline  27 Jun 1903Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND I704


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GRIFFITH / TUNNICLIFF  28 Feb 1877Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F348
2 LINES / TUNNICLIFF  12 Aug 1851Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F240
3 Murcott / ANDREWS  Abt 1945Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F1032
4 PALMER / FORSTER  14 Jun 1899Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F1022
5 SUTTON / TUNNICLIFF  10 Nov 1896Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F366
6 TUNNICLIFF / BAIGENT  22 Jun 1886Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F597
7 TUNNICLIFF / BAILEY  Abt 1891Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F608
8 TUNNICLIFF / NEILSON  6 Feb 1894Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F103
9 TUNNICLIFF / NORRISS  Abt 1852Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F359
10 TUNNICLIFF / SAVAGE  2 May 1885Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F449
11 TUNNICLIFF / SMITH  4 Apr 1896Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F166
12 WAN / TUNNICLIFFE  24 Jun 1875Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F242
13 WEBBY / HARMAN  15 Jun 1886Wakefield, Tasman, NEW ZEALAND F735