Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND



City/Town : Latitude: -37.7870012, Longitude: 175.27925300000004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BORELL, Carol Marjorie Rae  10 Sep 1959Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I306
2 CHIVERS, Florence Pearl  11 Feb 1896Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2447
3 HARMAN, Fayola Audrey  1 Sep 1931Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2450
4 HARMAN, Ivan Kenneth Lindsay  Abt 1911Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2434
5 HARMAN, Kelvin Robert William  6 Mar 1936Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2451
6 HARMAN, Marjorie Vera Jane  19 Oct 1910Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2083
7 HARMAN, Ronald William George  19 Apr 1930Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2950
8 HARMAN, Thomas Edward Clemens  Oct 1908Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2082
9 HUGHES, Elizabeth May  5 Feb 1882Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1395
10 HUGHES, Francis George  Abt 1891Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2508
11 HUGHES, Jane  26 Apr 1877Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I4179
12 RACKHAM, William Norman  2 Feb 1962Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2269
13 ROE, Seth Karlin  8 Jan 2002Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1968
14 SOUTHGATE, Gladys Mabel  10 Jun 1911Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2449
15 TUNNICLIFFE, Nina Grace  10 Jun 2014Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1713
16 WILLIAMS, Jack Keith  19 Apr 1924Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2454
17 WILSON, Desmond John  19 Jul 1925Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDERTON, Hilda Alice Mary  15 Jul 1972Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I315
2 BARTON, Vivian  16 Nov 1934Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I4245
3 BASS, Jocelyn Maile  19 Feb 1993Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1840
4 BELL, Amelia Ellen  11 Jun 1908Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1751
5 BOSTON, John Milton  3 Sep 1961Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I3491
6 BOWYER, John Thomas  18 Nov 1968Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I156
7 CLARKE, Vera Beatrice  10 Jul 1969Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand I4837
8 COURTENAY, Ronald Alfred  23 Jun 2010Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I928
9 DENT, Mary Martha  20 Jan 1936Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I4887
10 DUNLOP, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1919Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I4182
11 GRAY, Diana Mary Fiona  11 Jun 2007Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I930
12 HARMAN, Edward Clemens  26 Dec 1944Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1394
13 HARMAN, Fayola Audrey  25 Feb 1993Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2450
14 HARMAN, Langley Albert Bell  3 Jun 1973Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2439
15 HARMAN, Marjorie Vera Jane  5 Mar 1987Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2083
16 HARMAN, Walter Alfred George  22 Jan 1985Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2438
17 HARMAN, William Horace  3 Aug 1948Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1750
18 HUGHES, Elizabeth May  27 Oct 1954Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1395
19 JACKSON, Keith Roy  25 Oct 2005Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2765
20 JARKIEWICZ, Zdzislaw Franciszek  14 Mar 2002Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2728
21 MILLETT, Hinda  15 Apr 1963Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I3162
22 QUINN, Joseph Daly  25 Jul 1905Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2499
23 RASMUSSEN, Vincent  15 Jul 1936Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2816
24 ROE, James Thomas  19 Aug 1992Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I41
25 ROE, Roena Madeline  5 Nov 2004Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I631
26 ROYCROFT, Walter George  27 May 1955Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2968
27 SMITH, Charles Joseph Seymour  11 May 1946Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I147
28 SOUTHGATE, Robert Alfred  14 Aug 1934Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2954
29 STEVENS, Kay Maxine  28 Sep 2013Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I303
30 STILL, Jack  18 Oct 1987Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I3384
31 THOMPSON, Edith Kathleen  20 Mar 2003Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1767
32 THOMPSON, George  15 Jul 1926Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2934
33 THORNTON, Ernest Roy  28 Jun 1977Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2118
34 TUNNICLIFFE, Frederick George  2 Oct 1984Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I1481

Criminal History Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal History Register    Person ID 
1 DAVIS, Victor Ronald  7 Dec 1932Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I2344
2 SMITH, Charles Joseph Seymour  7 Dec 1932Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Divorce    Person ID 
1 ALDERTON, Hilda Alice Mary  1949Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I315
2 TUNNICLIFF, Leopold Guy  1949Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I67


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BOWYER, John Victor Marshall  1935Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I126
2 BOWYER, John Victor Marshall  1938Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I126
3 BOWYER, John Victor Marshall  1946Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I126
4 BOWYER, John Victor Marshall  1949-1954Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I126
5 BOWYER, John Victor Marshall  1957-1978Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND I126


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWYER / HARMAN  Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND F38
2 COURTENAY / GRAY  9 Jul 1955Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND F1612
3 HARMAN / SOUTHGATE  23 Apr 1930Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND F762
4 WILLIAMS / HARMAN  Abt 1950Hamilton, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND F764