Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND



City/Town : Latitude: -45.8787605, Longitude: 170.5027976


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTON, Rodger Elliot Kempthorne  14 Jun 1919Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I247
2 BARTON, Vivian  18 Dec 1894Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I4245
3 BELLETT, James Arthur  3 Mar 1903Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3535
4 BENTLEY, Edward  24 Aug 1855Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2943
5 BEVIN, Frederick George  29 Jun 1887Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3111
6 BRIGGS, Alison Jane  30 Jan 1868Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I52
7 FRASER, Hannah  17 Oct 1872Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2709
8 HARBOTT, Keith Alfred  6 Dec 1934Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3394
9 JOHNSON, Hazel Violet  2 Feb 1909Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I4203
10 LAMB, Raewyn Kathleen  14 Jun 1932Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3229
11 MCKAY, Fergus William  11 May 1926Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3387
12 MCLEOD, Susan  1 Jul 1862Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3318
13 MCMEEKING, Gilbert John  16 May 1894Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3449
14 MCMEEKING, Joyce Elizabeth  3 Jan 1924Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I1127
15 PADMAN, Joyas Vivian  26 Jan 1918Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3117
16 PATERSON, Robert Gibb  23 Feb 1930Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3391
17 RACE, Eliza Violet  30 Jan 1895Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2658
18 RACE, George Thomas  10 Dec 1931Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3388
19 RACE, George Thomas Peter  16 Dec 1896Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I76
20 RACE, Hannah Ethel  11 Aug 1922Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3383
21 RACE, Jean  8 Mar 1924Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3267
22 RACE, Patricia Mary  14 Aug 1930Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3386
23 ROBINSON, Philip Trevor  26 Oct 1930Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3223
24 VALENTINE, Helene McLeod  22 Mar 1921Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3217
25 VINE, William Edward  22 Jan 1894Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2990
26 WELSH, Jessie Isabella Wood  1 Apr 1853Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2721
27 WOODS, Lorna Margaret  9 Feb 1928Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3873


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOYLE, Michael Joseph  19 Jul 1946Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2643
2 BRUCE, Frederick William  10 Dec 1968Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I5495
3 CAULTON, Glen Stapyleton  10 Oct 1951Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I4875
4 DYER, Catherine Norah Helsham  13 Jun 1980Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3562
5 FRASER, Hannah  26 Dec 1957Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2709
6 HARBOTT, Keith Alfred  30 Dec 2006Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3394
7 JONES, Doris Violet  29 Nov 2004Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2114
8 MOLLOY, Ethel Haven  20 Dec 1957Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I293
9 MOLLOY, John  24 Apr 1952Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I1464
10 RACE, George Thomas  10 Sep 1912Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2710
11 RACE, George Thomas Peter  5 Jun 1969Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I76
12 SCANLAN, Dorothy May  1 Nov 1965Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3225
13 TAYLOR, Minnie  24 Sep 1973Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I2679
14 VOICE, Leslie Thornton  17 Apr 1994Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND I3113


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HALL / SCHRODER  21 Apr 1933Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND F751
2 McKay / RACE  17 Oct 1951Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND F1188
3 STILL / RACE  17 Sep 1945Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND F1186
4 WILLS / RACE  17 Sep 1946Dunedin, Otago, NEW ZEALAND F1187