Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BATT, William Richard  2 Jul 1907Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1469
2 BELL, Catherine  16 Feb 1883Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2715
3 BENNETT, Charles William  30 Dec 1926Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3224
4 BULLING, Anne Frances Elizabeth  11 Feb 1926Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1384
5 COLLIE, Margaret Lorraine  26 Oct 1937Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1700
6 DAWSON, Brian Day  30 Jul 1931Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1739
7 DAWSON, Bruce Alexander  18 Nov 1939Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1738
8 DRAIN, Charles Duncan  10 Dec 1902Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2676
9 GORTON, Alice Rosina  5 Oct 1910Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2099
10 GRAY, Alexander Gordon  22 Jan 1862Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2972
11 HILLIS, Hudson Lamont  13 Nov 1913Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3365
12 JOHNSTONE, Grace Ellen McKersie  4 Mar 1891Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2129
13 KING, Charles  18 Feb 1890Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3110
14 LAMBERT, Ethel Eusebia  6 Sep 1905Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1433
15 LAMBERT, Thomas Roland  17 Jul 1903Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1111
16 LANG, Bernard Arnold Richard  3 Jul 1897Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2100
17 MACBEATH, Robert William  1 Feb 1931Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2663
18 MCSORILEY, Ann Dorothea  23 Dec 1932Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2469
19 MOIR, John Ernest  20 Jun 1873Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I730
20 MOLLOY, Betty Joan  25 Jun 1931Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2662
21 MOLLOY, Blake James  1 Apr 2001Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I4065
22 MOLLOY, Brodie Jacob  15 Mar 2006Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I4067
23 MOLLOY, David Alan  6 Sep 1933Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2674
24 MOLLOY, Heidi Vanessa  4 Apr 1978Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2848
25 MOLLOY, James Joseph  24 Feb 1934Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3185
26 MOLLOY, John Albert  11 Sep 1942Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3186
27 MOLLOY, John Arthur  19 Feb 1927Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3350
28 MOLLOY, Leslie Francis  25 Nov 1929Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2226
29 MOLLOY, Marilyn Joyce  4 Feb 1951Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3460
30 MOLLOY, Nola Frances  18 Dec 1934Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3397
31 MOLLOY, Patricia  2 Aug 1960Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3288
32 MOLLOY, Robin Gorton  10 Jul 1938Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2680
33 O'KEEFE, Eileen Mary  5 Apr 1918Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2705
34 PETERSON, Frederick George  22 Oct 1886Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2754
35 PETERSON, James Thomas Giffen  10 Nov 1909Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2127
36 PHILLIPSON, Muriel Winifred  30 Mar 1900Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I20
37 PINK, Brian  28 Aug 1935Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3408
38 RYDER, Margaret Gladys  13 Sep 1928Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3221
39 SHEEHAN, Mary Ellen  20 Sep 1880Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2644
40 SPEDEN, Douglas John  26 Feb 1929Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3290
41 SPICER, Garrie Edward  9 Jan 1945Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3612
42 SWAIN, Isabella  9 Feb 1876Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2693
43 VALENTINE, Doreen Valerie  8 Mar 1930Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3196
44 VALENTINE, Iris Dorothy  21 Sep 1933Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3222
45 VALENTINE, Leonard Noel  24 May 1927Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3195
46 VALENTINE, Margaret Catherine  15 Mar 1922Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3194
47 VALENTINE, William Gavin  5 Feb 1926Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3220
48 WALKER, Andrew George James  23 Apr 1879Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I5081
49 WALKER, Margaret Annie  22 Nov 1927Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2175
50 WEAVERS, John Archibald  26 Oct 1871Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2654

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREW, David Millar  26 Aug 1970Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I4170
2 ANDREW, Ronald Stewart  22 Nov 1993Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3410
3 BAKER, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1963Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2661
4 BATT, Agnes Amelia  27 Oct 1929Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2686
5 BELL, Margaret Ophir Hirst  10 Aug 1993Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2677
6 BENNETT, Charles William  18 Jul 2002Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3224
7 BEVIN, Frederick George  7 Mar 1973Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3111
8 BOYLE, Margaret  20 Nov 1998Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2123
9 BROWN, Ellen  30 Aug 1982Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I5712
10 BULLING, Alexander Thomas William  19 Jun 2008Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1387
11 BULLING, Bernard Charles  24 May 2002Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1386
12 BULLING, Thomas Frederick Bernard  7 Oct 1975Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1126
13 BULLING, Walter James  30 Oct 1929Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I862
14 CALDER, Ina Maud Victoria  10 Sep 1991Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I5590
15 CHEYNE, Donella Leslie Garland  31 Aug 1966Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3536
16 CLARKE, Christina May  Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I5913
17 COLLIE, Sydney James  2 Jun 1972Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3597
18 CORMACK, Lancelot Roger  11 Jul 1998Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3398
19 CROFTS, Patricia Lavina  1 Feb 2006Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2684
20 CUTTANCE, Warren Joseph  5 Jan 1930Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I4952
21 DAVIS, Francis William  20 Sep 1978Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3820
22 DAWSON, Gordon James  29 Jan 1955Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I220
23 DURHAM, Sarah Jane  10 Mar 1965Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I4171
24 DWYER, Ellen  28 Jan 1937Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2696
25 EVANS, Clementine Marsh  15 Oct 1968Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2655
26 GORTON, Alice Rosina  20 Feb 1990Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2099
27 GORTON, William  26 Jul 1946Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2660
28 HARGREAVES, Henrietta  28 Oct 1937Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3315
29 HARRIS, Frances Mabel Peace  15 Apr 1978Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3450
30 HENDERSON, Andrew Laidlaw  2 Aug 1954Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I4193
31 HIGGINS, John  28 May 1987Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3610
32 HILLIS, Hudson Lamont  30 Nov 1965Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3365
33 IRVINE, James Edward  8 Oct 1996Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2157
34 ISTEED, Florence Louise  11 Nov 1952Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2699
35 JOHNSON, Mavis Gwendoline  27 Mar 1984Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1133
36 JOHNSTON, John  26 Nov 1902Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I4192
37 JOHNSTONE, Grace Ellen McKersie  23 Aug 1979Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2129
38 JONES, George John  26 Apr 1973Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3353
39 KENT, Murdoch James  13 Apr 2006Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2698
40 KING, Charles  26 Mar 1942Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3110
41 LANG, Bernard Arnold Richard  6 May 1969Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2100
42 LANG, Richard  14 Dec 1933Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2687
43 LAVERTY, Elizabeth  23 Feb 1973Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I5082
44 LONNEKER, Isabella Clara  28 Mar 1995Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2665
45 MACBEATH, Robert  4 Aug 1966Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2664
46 MACBEATH, Robert William  24 Aug 2004Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2663
47 MACKAY, Lindon Haig  1 Sep 1996Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3324
48 MARSH, John James  16 Mar 2013Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3206
49 MATHEWS, Frederick Reginald  8 Sep 2005Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3454
50 MCMEEKING, Gilbert John  26 Jan 1969Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I3449

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BULLING, Alexander Thomas William  Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1387
2 BULLING, Bernard Charles  2002Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I1386
3 MOLLOY, Thomas John  1964Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND I2128


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BONIFACE / McFEELY  3 Apr 1907Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F823
2 JENKINS / SPEERS  2 May 1959Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F1235
3 MacBEATH / MOLLOY  5 Dec 1950Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F829
4 MacLEAN / WEAVERS  Abt 1946Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F876
5 MANING / ROE  15 Nov 1910Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F617
6 McGILLIVRAY / HARGREAVES  28 Aug 1878Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F1147
7 MOLLOY / HENDERSON  23 Oct 1993Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F1386
8 MOLLOY / JOHNSTON  24 Mar 1897Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F126
9 MOLLOY / JOHNSTON  29 Apr 1897Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F32
10 MOLLOY / LAMBERT  29 Feb 1935Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F13
11 MOLLOY / McMEEKING  Abt 1943Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F327
12 SPEDEN / WEAVERS  9 Aug 1952Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F1137
13 SPEERS / BLACK  25 Oct 1955Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F1233
14 SPEERS / MOLLOY  12 Dec 1928Invercargill, Southland, NEW ZEALAND F663