Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND



Latitude: 51.2703630, Longitude: 0.5226990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWYER, Ada Gertrude  5 Oct 1891Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1539
2 BOWYER, Albert George  27 Nov 1907Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1355
3 BOWYER, Anthony Robert  23 Aug 1923Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4500
4 BOWYER, Bernard David  Abt 1906Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1547
5 BOWYER, Betty Eileen  1 Nov 1921Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4499
6 BOWYER, Charlotte Frances  12 Sep 1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1235
7 BOWYER, Douglas Henry  11 Apr 1903Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1546
8 BOWYER, Edward R  Abt 1924Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4361
9 BOWYER, Edward Roger  11 Jun 1897Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1233
10 BOWYER, Ernest A  4 Oct 1895Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1542
11 BOWYER, Frederick Douglas  12 May 1895Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1526
12 BOWYER, Gladys May  3 Mar 1897Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1527
13 BOWYER, Gladys Millicent  Abt 1899Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1550
14 BOWYER, Harold Richard  3 Oct 1900Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1351
15 BOWYER, Henrietta Annie  26 Oct 1900Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1529
16 BOWYER, Herbert Charles  22 Mar 1907Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1234
17 BOWYER, Herbert Edward  11 Jun 1892Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1540
18 BOWYER, Ivor Frederick  25 Sep 1893Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1541
19 BOWYER, John  8 Dec 1909Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1533
20 BOWYER, Leonard Robert  15 Mar 1899Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1545
21 BOWYER, Marjorie  8 Dec 1909Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1534
22 BOWYER, Nora Edith  Abt 1898Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1544
23 BOWYER, Reginald Herbert  3 Mar 1903Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1531
24 BOWYER, Rex  28 Feb 1930Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5727
25 BOWYER, Terence Keith  Abt 1931Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4346
26 BOWYER, William Ewart  27 Mar 1899Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1528
27 BOWYER, Winifred Edith  28 Dec 1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1530
28 COOPER, Ethel Marjorie  Abt 1911Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4315
29 COOPER, Walter  Abt 1893Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4292
30 COOPER, William Tweed  Abt 1859Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5904
31 DALE, Lily Violet Priscilla  17 Mar 1906Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4344
32 DALE, Robert Henry  7 Jul 1875Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4954
33 GILBERT, Charles French  13 Apr 1853Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I3246
34 GILBERT, George Austin  1 Oct 1892Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4326
35 GILBERT, Laura Lillian  10 Nov 1916Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4342
36 HITCH, Annie Eveline Frances  5 Mar 1893Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5836
37 HITCH, Bernice Lorna Gwendoline  9 Oct 1904Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5835
38 STEVENS, Emily Frances  Abt 1876Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4955
39 WRIGHT, Edith Rachel  25 Dec 1899Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ASHDOWN, James  12 Feb 1836Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4324
2 BOWYER, Albert George  28 Mar 1908Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1355
3 BOWYER, Charlotte Frances  3 Dec 1901Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1235
4 BOWYER, Doris  4 Mar 1907Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1430
5 BOWYER, Edward Roger  29 Aug 1907Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1233
6 BOWYER, Herbert Charles  29 Aug 1907Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1234
7 DALE, Lily Violet Priscilla  9 Apr 1906Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4344
8 STEVENS, Emily Frances  20 Mar 1877Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4955


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wilhelmina Margaret  4 Mar 1974Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5857
2 ASHDOWN, Annie Elizabeth  17 Jan 1942Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1232
3 AUSTIN, Frances  Abt 1908Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5305
4 BOWYER, Albert Ernest  Abt 1941Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1347
5 BOWYER, Arthur Ernest  28 Oct 1974Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1537
6 BOWYER, Bernard David  4 Nov 1953Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1547
7 BOWYER, Charlotte Frances  Abt 1997Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1235
8 BOWYER, Edward  1 Jun 1939Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1344
9 BOWYER, Edward Roger  2 Sep 1971Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1233
10 BOWYER, George Harry  5 Mar 1932Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I468
11 BOWYER, John  11 Dec 1909Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1533
12 BOWYER, Leonard Robert  17 Feb 1984Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1545
13 BOWYER, Marjorie  18 Jun 1910Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1534
14 BOWYER, Mary Ann  Abt 1910Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I597
15 BOWYER, Rex  17 Aug 1986Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5727
16 BOWYER, Richard  9 Dec 1917Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1017
17 BOWYER, Rosina Lucy  Abt 1949Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I529
18 BOWYER, Thomas Edward  Abt 1976Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I541
19 CHAPMAN, Mary Anne  17 Jun 1930Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5711
20 COLLISON, Laura Amy  Abt 1946Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4360
21 DALE, Robert Henry  25 Sep 1947Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4954
22 FORRESTER, Emma  Abt 1914Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1102
23 FORRESTER, John  12 Dec 1846Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5056
24 GAMSBY, Alan William  Abt 2000Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4280
25 GILBERT, Charles French  8 Aug 1919Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I3246
26 GILBERT, George Austin  21 Nov 1978Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4326
27 GILBERT, Laura Lillian  7 May 2007Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4342
28 HITCH, Albert Arding  10 Mar 1956Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1549
29 HOLDEN, Heli  29 Aug 1840Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5687
30 LILLINGTON, Florence Emily  Abt 1975Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4311
31 LILLINGTON, Fred  Abt 1923Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5196
32 MARCHANT, Edward  Abt 1862Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5218
33 MERCER, Annie  Abt 1979Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I542
34 MUNNINGS, Florence  Abt 1929Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1536
35 PETTETT, Charles William  Abt 1995Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5597
36 PYNE, Gladys Annie  5 Oct 1967Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I996
37 RUSSELL, Alice Fanny  Abt 1952Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4527
38 SPARKS, John Thomas  Abt 2002Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I879
39 SUITTERS, Grace  16 May 1959Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5434
40 TUCKER, Mary Ann  Abt 1882Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5688
41 WEBB, Avis Caroline  12 Mar 1928Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5152
42 WEBB, Thomas  8 Apr 1885Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I998
43 WRIGHT, Edith Rachel  Abt 2002Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I1236
44 WRIGHT, Jacob  Abt 1929Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I4359


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOWYER, Ann  13 May 1880Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I338
2 WEBB, John  1 Sep 1863Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5509

Baptism Date

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism Date    Person ID 
1 HITCH, Annie Eveline Frances  28 Mar 1908Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5836
2 HITCH, Bernice Lorna Gwendoline  28 Mar 1908Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND I5835


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWYER / ASHDOWN  Abt 1896Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F382
2 BOWYER / BOURNE  Abt 1897Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F414
3 BOWYER / COOPER  Abt 1932Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F1610
4 BOWYER / DALE  Abt 1929Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F1628
5 BOWYER / LILLINGTON  Abt 1914Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F1606
6 BOWYER / NAYLOR  Abt 1945Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F179
7 BOWYER / USMAR  Abt 1956Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F2544
8 BOWYER / WALKER  Abt 1921Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F1698
9 BOWYER / WRIGHT  Abt 1922Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F383
10 COOPER / BOWYER  Abt 1920Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F1590
11 DALE / STEVENS  Abt 1894Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F1901
12 DICKINSON / BOWYER  Abt 1888Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F475
13 GAMSBY / BOWYER  Abt 1954Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F2373
14 GILBERT / AUSTIN  Abt 1883Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F2165
15 HITCH / BOWYER  Abt 1892Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F476
16 HOLDEN / SUTTON  Abt 1876Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F645
17 PATON / HITCH  Abt 1920Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F1668
18 PETTETT / GILBERT  Abt 1938Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F2392
19 RUSSELL / WEBB  6 Sep 1899Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F2189
20 SIMPSON / PADDINGTON  Abt 1889Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F542
21 SPARKS / BOWEN  Abt 1953Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F2535
22 WAGHORN / HITCH  Abt 1930Maidstone, Kent, ENGLAND F2603